excerpt from the book ‘Sun Stand Still’ by Steven Furtick:

“But until you have the right, biblical picture of God, this is all just a history lesson. Without an accurate vision of God, you cut yourself off from the very One who enables you to have audacious faith in the first place. You see, great men and women of faith don’t have some special spiritual DNA that God injected into them. What makes them unique actually has very little to do with them. Because when you get down to it, they are no different from you and me: full of fear, plagued by sin, and riddled with insecurity. What makes world-changing Christians unique, audacious and powerful isn’t their perfection. It’s their understanding of God’s perfect nature and purposes in the world. This God is someone worth taking risks for. This God is someone worth praying Sun Stand Still prayers to.* What these men and women of faith believe and experience firsthand about God drives them to settle for nothing less than extraordinary faith. And in the same way, what you believe about God will directly determine the legacy of your faith and your impact on the world for the glory of God.”

*Read the book for explanation on Sun Stand Still prayers. It’s very a very encouraging, challenging read!

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