Lilly (not her real name) will be 18 this spring. She already has two children. She was excited to hear about our King’s Daughters retreat. Her boyfriend even said he would pay for it. Then he left her. Now she is so depressed that she talks of wanting to go to sleep and not wake up. Ever.

This is why we organize the princess retreats.

Last year we held three retreats, all at local churches here in Sioux City. Two of those churches have already set dates for us to return this year.

The first retreat was with the Asian ladies of a Lutheran church. Some of these ladies expressed to the pastor afterwards that they were amazed that we ‘white’ ladies had gone through many struggles that are common to them. They loved wearing the hats at the tea party and were reluctant to take them off afterwards. To them, wearing a hat means you are working. They loved being treated to all the pampering.

We are adjusting our schedule as we go, so by the third retreat, we included small group discussion. During one discussion, Angie (again, not her real name) began to cry and tell of her difficult marriage. One lady in her group was able to talk freely with her and lead her to Jesus!

This is why we organize the retreats!

We are so excited about the retreats coming up this year. The first one will be Saturday, February 7 at the Iowa Beauty School. Holding it right before Valentine’s Day, we plan to emphasize God’s love for us and end the retreat with a call to come to know His incredible love for us.

Please pray for the retreats coming up and the ladies who will be attending. Our prayer is that not only will ladies ‘feel’ good with the pampering, but that God does a tremendous healing work in their lives.

As we go forward this year, would you consider the following:

  • Pray for the ladies coming to the retreats to draw closer to Jesus and find healing in Him
  • Pray for us as we organize the retreats, to follow God’s direction
  • Pray for finances for the ministry, as the ladies who need it the most are least likely to be able to afford to attend

On a personal note, I had the joy of marrying a wonderful man this past November. God has used the time we have spent working together cleaning a business every evening for the past 2 ½ years to grow our relationship into the love we now have. My children and my mom all love him – we’re still working on the cat!

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