Happy Resurrection Day, everyone!

My heart is so full this weekend. Words of the worship songs I hear. Pictures in my mind of scenes from The Passion. Time spent with my mom this past week and watching her precious eyesight diminish. News of the suicide bomber in Pakistan.

Easter is a time of victory. Our enemy thought he won on Friday, but Sunday proved him wrong! Jesus is and always will be the Victor!

Last year The King’s Daughters held 5 retreats in our area. Each one was unique and special. God moved in each of them in a different way, but in all of them drawing women to a closer walk with Him.

Last weekend we held the first one for this year. It was a time of stepping out for my small team and myself. Not only are we organizing the retreats, but we are each taking our turn in speaking and telling our own stories of how God has given us beauty for ashes. God seemed to be weaving a tapestry of our words and the music we played to bring to the women the message that God loves them with a lavish, redeeming, healing love. One woman made the comment afterwards, “This retreat was a true reflection of the love I carry in my heart and soul for our Savior, the Lord.”

This summer we have two more retreats scheduled. Would you join with us in praying for God to continue to use us to bring women to Jesus? No matter what our lives have been like, we all need Jesus. As I write this, I am listening to ‘Have it All’ from Bethel Music. That is the cry of my heart, for Him to have it all and use it for His purpose! And my prayer is that we can communicate this passion for Jesus with the ladies who come to the retreats. This Easter weekend is a vivid reminder of His passionate love for us!

May God richly bless you with a deeper, exploding love for Him this year

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