The world seems to be in chaos. The upcoming election in the US has people confused and angry. Wars, refugees, financial issues and increasing natural disasters cause us to wonder how much longer it will be before our Lord returns.

Jesus said in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

How are we able to find peace with the turmoil that surrounds us?

When I first returned to the US from Thailand my life was in turmoil. At that point, I did not know if our marriage would survive. I did not know how I could provide for our children. I did not even know where we could live. When I heard Matt Redman’s song Blessed Be Your Name for the first time, I knew I had a choice to make. The Lord gives and takes away, but I knew that I had to choose to hang on to Jesus for dear life and let Him be the solid Rock on which I would stand.

He has proven Himself faithful to me over and over again. In our King’s Daughters retreats I have the privilege of sharing with other women how they too can hang on to Jesus.

The mission of The King’s Daughters is to help women find their identity in Jesus. In two different churches that we attended recently, the pastors spoke about how important it is to find our identity in Jesus. At another church, the visiting speaker talked about how we need to know to which spiritual family we belong. What a difference it makes in our lives when we know that because Jesus has ransomed our lives, we are children of the King of all kings, the Most High God!

In 2016 we held three retreats locally. From those retreats, several people have said they want to join our team! God’s timing is so incredible. I should be finished with school by Christmas (it has only taken me 5 years to get a 2-year degree!), so beginning in January my time should be more free to hold more retreats. We are so excited to have a larger team to work with and amazed at how well their gifts and talents mesh with the direction we feel God is leading The King’s Daughters. More on that in January!

Thank you for your prayers for The King’s Daughters. At each retreat we have a team of people who prayer each hour of the retreat. God is faithful and has been working in ladies’ lives, bringing them into a deeper walk with Him!

I know this is early for the holidays, but for the next 7 weeks my nose will be buried in my textbook or the online homework, so have a blessed Thanksgiving and a fantastic celebration of our Savior’s birth!

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