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Princess Warrior Retreat

Saturday, September 12, 2020

RiverzEdge Church in Sioux City, IA

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In our hectic, fast-paced lives, come away with us for a day of refreshing! 

Our retreats combine a blend of:


  • Pampering!
  • A tea party – with hats, of course!
  • Music and teaching from God’s Word!
  • Sharing laughter and tears with other women!

Highlights from our retreats:

Linda Holub has a Masters of Arts degree in Human Services: Life Coaching. She is the author of Pearl of Great Value and a writer for the Sioux City Journal. Linda’s passion is to empower women to discover and live out their God-given life purpose. She addresses obstacles we face in our lives and how to overcome the obstacles through the truth of God’s Word instead of listening to lies we have believed.

Lynn Johnson has an MA in ceramics from the University of Iowa and demonstrates with her pottery wheel how our Master forms us and refines us for Him! Lynn and her husband Jim have two sons, three grandsons, and have lived in Sioux City since their wedding day 44 years ago. She still teaches pottery and substitute teaches in the area, and they both attend a local church. Lynn loves orange, sunflowers, and Jesus!

Christie Dougherty is a dynamic speaker, lovingly serving God’s living bread to her audience. She and her husband met while serving as missionaries on the Mercy Ship Doulos. Before returning to LeMars, IA, they ministered at Bible Camps in Alaska and Colorado. These days Christie keeps herself busy teaching at her church and raising their three sons.

Above all else, The King’s Daughters want to give glory and honor to our Father. Worship is a very important part of our ministry. 

 Shirley Anderson, former pastor’s wife and Bible Study Fellowship leader teaches God’s truth from God’s Word, sharing from a lifetime of growing in Jesus. Her daughter, Karin Garr speaks from living overseas as a missionary in the Netherlands, Russia, and Thailand. Together they invite you to sit with them a while and hear what it is like to live in an earthly kingdom and compare it to what awaits us in God’s heavenly Kingdom.

At the end of our teaching time, we spend time at the cross and leave our burdens here.

The tea parties! Every retreat at every location is slightly different, but always beautiful and the food delicious.

Pampering! Every retreat has pampering. See the smiling faces!

(Not all types of pampering are available at every retreat) 


Enjoy a makeover! 

Soften your hands with a paraffin dip!

Chair massage! Or table massage from a female therapist!

Enjoy a manicure!         

Or a haircut!

At a Princess Retreat, we endeavor to pamper ladies like royal princesses. Because women are usually nurturing by nature, we tend to give and give and give, often selflessly, and do not take time to be refreshed. We invite ladies to spare a few hours to come away and let God refresh and renew us. We all need to be reminded of our value and worth in God’s eyes.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020 

Princess Warrior Retreat

Saturday 10:00 AM-2 PM 

RiverzEdge Church

 Sioux City, IA 


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“The spiritual power that filled the room and myself was powerful and life changing. Helped me break through chains that have been weighing me down!” – Trinitie

“Very heart and mind cleansing.” Cindy

“Overall, this event was a great success! Everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. The ladies liked it. We were impressed with the teams of volunteers-students from the Iowa School of Beauty to do the pedicures, plus the Princess team to help with everything else. Even the janitor remarked on how smoothly it all went, and how clean it was. It’s very unique for our Asian women to wear hats. To them, hats are only for work and they’ve never had fun hats before. One lady mentioned that it was healing for her that even white women have the same problems with divorce and separation.”  – Pastor Tom LoVan

Betty, attending this retreat commented that she thought the women really enjoyed  this retreat and even overheard one  comment that Jill’s songs touched her heart as well as her story. She went on to say how most of these women are “new” Christians, having had hard lives and how nice it was for them to be pampered.

“The King’s Daughters retreat reminded me whose I am and why that matters in the midst of divorce. I felt very unloved coming into the retreat due to my impending divorce, but I left feeling valued and cared for. Connecting with other women going through similar circumstances was like a life raft thrown to me during a terrible storm.” ~Cindy P., Blaine, MN

“The music, speaker, and fellowship was wonderful. I really saw an image of me that I had a hard time seeing before. The journaling helped so much with that.” – Sue Ellen,  IA

“I loved the music.” -Fahn,  IA

“Colossians 1:13. Let go! Let God! He has rescued us from our domain of darkness and brought us into the kingdom. There is light at the end of the journey. Nothing is impossible when we have God as our Savior.” -Angie, IA

“This was a wonderful retreat. I came with an expectation to focus on God, who I am to Him, worship, praise and love Him along with other women. That is what I received, partook in, and it was a time of refreshing.” – Gini, IA

“The women’s retreat was a great experience to share with others’ pain and stories of inspiration. Even if not at a point in our own lives we can allow ourselves to open up our hearts completely. Hearing others helps heal and soften the pain.” -Jennifer, IA

PLEASE NOTE THAT childcare MAY be provided for an extra cost while moms are in ministry sessions.  Please let us know ahead of time if you need this service. We do NOT arrange for child care unless it is specifically requested. Not all locations allow for this provision.

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