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Yesterday we had our first annual team retreat. I often look back on the retreats and see the things that went wrong/could have gone better/should have left out/forgot to include; all the mistakes instead of what God did. To top it off, when I got home, there was a new bill waiting for me that was nearly 3 times what I expected it to be.

This morning I read in Numbers 21:4-9 about the Israelites complaining again. No food, no water, no trust in God to provide. So God sent snakes to destroy them. For healing, those bitten by the snakes had to look up at the pole Moses made and they were healed.

Lesson #1: TRUST GOD! He has already proven Himself faithful. He will provide for us. (Did I mention that besides the bill, we also received two checks in payment for work done by my husband’s construction company? No, of course I didn’t. I was too busy thinking about the NEGATIVE piece of mail!)

Confirmation: The very next thing I read this morning was Proverbs. 21:5 ‘The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.’ Tod and I are being diligent to work each day. God WILL provide!

Then a friend sent me a message telling me how powerfully the retreat yesterday impacted her life. It was an extremely moving, heartfelt thank you to me for holding the retreats.

Lesson #2: TRUST GOD! We have prayed for the retreat and the ladies, and I need to trust that God did what He does best – bringing our hearts closer to His.

Confirmation: Matthew 14:25-33. Peter began to walk on the water towards Jesus, but when he took his focus off Jesus, he started sinking. When Jesus rescued him, He asked him why he doubted! Really! The waves crashing all around, bills piling up, things not going as planned at the retreat, and God wonders why we doubt! When they got back in to boat, the response of the disciples was to proclaim that yes, Jesus IS the Son of God. And they worshipped Him.wave

Psalm 30:6-7 says, ‘When I felt secure, I said, “I will never be shaken.” O Lord, when you favored me, you made my mountain stand firm; but when you hid your face, I was dismayed.’

Lesson #3: TRUST GOD! David uses the past tense of the verbs here rather than present tense. So there was a time before when he felt very strong. But there are other times when he feels like maybe God has looked away from him and forgotten him. We’re human. So it’s a daily exercise to trust God: for finances, for results, and for protection. It’s my choice. Every day.

Confirmation: In the devotional book I’m reading, it talked today about being an optimist or a pessimist. A pessimist sees all the thorns in the roses. An optimist sees the beautiful roses in the thorns. Two frogs who have fallen into a bowl of cream – one gives up and drowns, the other swims around and makes butter. Again, my choice – I want butter and roses!flowers from Nicole '11 (3)

Today I choose to trust God.

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